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Start-of-the-year activity on Mentimeter- ”Tell me who you are”


Start-of-the-year activity on Mentimeter- ”Tell me who you are”

It’s the beginning of the school year and I am sure you are trying to find a great ice-breaker activity to have fun with your students and get to know them better. Open the Google Chrome browser and close it right now. Forget the lists of ice-breakers on the Internet. We need(and we are going to make) a meaningful, entertaining and personalized activity for your students. We are going to use the web 2.0 tool Mentimeter. On Mentimeter you can create interactive presentations to which students reply instantly and their answers are visible on the slides. The first step is to create a presentation by adding one personal question on each slide, try to be creative and discuss topics that are appealing to the kids such as their favorite movies and series. Since you have completed the creation process, it’s time to play the presentation in class, students reply to the questions of the slides by using their smartphones and the results are visible on the whiteboard. Discuss them, express your opinion on them and ask your students to further justify them. The fact that they have an active role by answering through their smartphones and the questions which are personal will keep the conversation going, you will get to know your students better and they will have fun while speaking in English. I have tried it, it is a game-changer!!!!

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